Visma Global webshop integration – WooCommerce

Visma Global Magento nettbutikk integrasjon

In Visma Global you will find a standardized ERP system with logistics-, project-, order-, invoicing- and accounting  funcitonality.


WooCommerce is the worlds most popular webshop. WooCommerce is open source and built on WordPress.

Visma Global to WooCommerce webshop integration

The integration between Visma Global and WooCommerce is delivered as an IaaS (Integration as a Service), cloud based service.

Product data from Visma Global to webshop

  • Basic product data integrated from Visma Global to the WooCommerce webshop
  • Product categories can be uploaded from Visma Global to the WooCommerce product categories
  • Stock status can be automatically updated in WooCommerce

Order integration from WooCommerce webshop to Visma Global

  • Orders created in WooCommerce is transferred to Visma Global

Tailor made Visma Global integration and B2B features

It is possible to integrate customers and discounts from Visma Global to WooCommerce. Contact us a talk about your specific needs.

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