Visma eAccounting WooCommerce integration

The integration between Visma eAccounting and WooCommerce is provided as a cloud service.

Product data from Visma eAccounting to the webshop

  • Basic data from the product card is transferred to the webshop.
  • Stock status can be transferred from Visma eAccounting to the webshop.

Orders from the WooCommerce webshop to Visma eAccounting

  • Orders placed in the webshop are transferred to Visma eAccounting

Customisation and B2B functionality

It is also possible to integrate customers from Visma eAccounting to the webshop. Get in touch with us to discuss your solution!

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With Visma eAccounting you can handle all the typical tasks in accounting and financial management in one and the same system.
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WooCommerce is the world’s most popular webshop solutions. WooCommerce is open-source and built on WordPress.

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