PowerOffice WooCommerce integration

PowerOffice Go – Award winning, cloudbased, ERP system

WooCommerce is the worlds most popular webshop. WooCommerce is open source and built on WordPress.

PowerOffice integration to WooCommerce

The integration between Poweroffice and WooCommerce is delivered as a cloud service

Product data from Poweroffice GO to WooCommerce

  • Basic data from PowerOffice Go product data is uploaded to WooCommerce.
  • Stock can be uploaded from PowerOffice Go to WooCommerce

Orders from WooCommerce to PowerOffice

  • Orders from WooCommerce is transfered to PowerOffice

B2B: Order history from PowerOffice to WooCommerce

B2B users often have the needs for making order history visible for their clients. With this integration you will be able to show all previous orders clients have made, and present that to the client. A highly appreciated feature.

B2B: Custumers from PowerOffice GO to WooCommerce

Create and update customer data in PowerOffice Go when they shop.

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