Tripletex Magento integration

Tripletex is a Web-based and complete accounting system with project tools, time accounting and CRM.


Magento is one the worlds most popular open source webshop systems.

Tripletex Magento integration

The integration between Tripletex and Magento is delivered as a cloud service, SaaS, or IaaS: integration as a Service.

Product data from Tripletex to Magento

  • Product data from Tripletex is created / updated in Magento
  • Stock status can be integrated so that Magento is updated with stock from Tripletex
  • Product categories can be maintained in Tripletex and update the product categories in the Magento webshop

Orders from Magento to Tripletex

  • Orders are transferred from Magento to Tripletex as a web order ready to process

B2B: Orders from Tripletex to Magento

Companies working B2B often needs to make the complete order history available to their clients. By using this integration component this can easily be achieved.

B2B: Customers from Tripletex til webshop

Create, maintain and grant access to your customers in Tripletex.

B2B: Discounts

The discount matrixes from Tripletex can be made available in your Magento webshop. This will give your customers their net price while browsing and shopping in your webshop.

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