UniMicro Magento webshop integration

UniMicro Integration

UniMicro is an award winning ERP system and one of the leading providers of software for economy and adminsitrative functions in Norway.


Magento is one the worlds most popular open source webshop systems.

UniMicro Magento webshop integration

The UniMicro Magento integration is delivered as a cloud based service. Integration as a Service.

Product data from UniMicro to Magento 

  • Product data is uploaded from UniMicro to the Magento webshop
  • Product categories can be integrated from UniMicro to Magento
  • Stock status can be uploaded from UniMicro to Magento
  • Images, files and documents can be uploaded from UniMicro to Magento and attached to products

Order integration from Magento to UniMicro

  • Orders are downloaded from webshop to UniMicro

B2B: Order history from UniMicro to Magento

Give your customers access to their complete order history through your Magento webshop.

Opens up for advanced features like:

  • Repeating orders
  • Advanced order analysis and product suggestions
  • Purchase lists

Order history is a popular feature and requested by businesses looking to increase their customers ability to serve themselves.

B2B: Discounts from UniMicro to Magento

  • Your customers can see products and shop by their net price in the webshop.

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